NPORS stands for National Plant Operators Registration Scheme – a card scheme designed to prove the skills of plant operatives.

NPORS is one of the UK’s leading accreditation and registration bodies, working across numerous sectors. We focus on more than just plant machinery

The NPORS Operator Card is a record of the training or assessment an individual has undertaken that proves their ability to safely operate an item of plant machinery/equipment. Registration with NPORS lasts for three or five years from the date of first initial test unless you obtain the NPORS CSCS trained operator card which last 2 years

During the two-year period they will be required to register for and achieve the requisite (S)NVQ with the unit credits applicable to the category(s) of plant held on their Trained Operator card.

On successful completion of this process a Competent Operator card will be issued valid for 5 years from the date of application. A CPD record / operator logbook will also be issued.

Contact us for the categories you require.

Courses we offer

  • N401 Appointed Person (BS7121)
  • N723 Harness and Fall Arrest Course
  • N304 Cable Avoidance Tools
  • N001 Industrial Counterbalance Lift Truck
  • N702A Confined Space (low Risk)             
  • N206 Loader/Compressor
  • N702B Confined Space (Medium Risk)
  • N107 Lorry Loader    
  • N405 Crane/Lift Supervisor         
  • N108 M.E.W.P Boom
  • N027 Excavation Marshall Banksperson
  • N109 Scissor Lift
  • N201 Excavator 180        
  • N722 Material Re-Handler 360
  • N202 Excavator 360        
  • N120 Plant Loader Securer
  • N100 Excavator as a Crane
  • N133 Plant Machinery Marshall
  • N016 Excavator Micro                  
  • N132 Plant Mover  
  • N204 Forward Tipping Dumper 
  • N726 Quick Hitch Awareness
  • N139 Forward Tipping Mini Dumper
  • N205 Rear Dump Truck
  • N115 Remote Control Tower Crane         
  • N214 Road Roller
  • N217 Road Sweeper                      
  • N009 Rough Terrain Lift Truck
  • N714 Safety at Street and Road Works
  • S001 Safety Awareness
  • N212 Skid Steer Loader             
  • N402 Slinger/Signaller    
  • N010 Telescopic Handler
  • N138 Telescopic Handler Suspended Loads
  • N403 Vehicle Marshall